Skyscraper (12A)


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Does The Rock ever get a day off? Sleep? Have hobbies? Jumanji and Rampage felt like only yesterday and here he is again saving the world from more disaster. And (apart from his ever-anxious face) making it look effortless.

Dwayne is Will Sawyer, a security specialist whose wife and kids happen to be inside the world’s tallest building after shady, sneering Euro-accented villains set fire to it as part of a needlessly complicated heist. He will risk life and limb. He will punch, kick and, if need be, throw a prosthetic leg at you. He will take a bullet. And when push comes to shove, Mr Rock will painstakingly climb to the top of a huge crane and sprint-leap into the 100th floor (see front cover!) which, to remind us, is on fire and infested with terrorists.

So it’s Die Hard meets The Towering Inferno but Will Sawyer is not a character; he’s video game muscle, the sort without moral inquiry. He is standard-issue American hero. We’re here to watch him do crazy things, and for the most part he delivers. Leave your brain on the first floor. (Jack Whiting) Get this: S.Times Culture gave it 4 stars! So who are we to dare miss…