Lady Bird (15)

Lady Bird

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Greta Gerwig’s offbeat sensibility is usually left

to her on-screen personas via indie ‘dramedies’.

With Lady Bird, we witness her full potential as a

filmmaker with a voice.

This coming-of-age story takes the broad details

of Gerwig’s own upbringing and uses them to

create moments full of spiky humour, all the while

sketching a family set-up loaded with struggle.

Saoirse Ronan’s characterisation of 17-year-old

Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson has the forceful

momentum of a natural disaster.

Unlike the rich kids at her Catholic School,

Christine’s family is scraping by on mum’s nurse’s

salary. She has no interest in being defined by her

socioeconomic bracket and clashes with her mother

over everything.

Saoirse Ronan whirlwinds through every scene,

bristling with a feral desire for experience. Lady Bird

is a small film making a lot of big noise; a hidden

gem that has been exposed in the Oscar spotlight.

It deserves the exposure because Lady Bird is

bursting with warmth, wit and melancholy; it is both

thrillingly real and deeply personal. Gerwig, Ronan,

take a bow. (Jack Whiting)

Come and see if it moves you too.