Step (PG)


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After the fantasy of Wonder Woman some feisty feminist reality that remains entirely grounded is welcome; and here it is. At the heart of a sociopolitically volatile Baltimore, Step follows a group of young African-American women using dance as an expression of anger, passion, and most significantly, a desperate desire for change. Founded by director Amanda Lipitz, the Baltimore leadership school for young women has one agenda: helping low-income students to graduate. This enlightened documentary follows the schools dance project STEP. It offers personal insight into the lives of financially disadvantaged and discriminated against individuals through the collective frame of their solidarity. The film focuses on three young women. Here one of them summarises: "STEP taught me if you come together with a group of powerful women the impact will be intense". Their transition from adolescence to womanhood is both empowering and ferocious while the music keeps it a lighter-hearted, lovable feature.

"It is a highly pertinent story told in an entertaining way"  (NY Times)

"This movie fires on every cylinder, investing viewers in personal stories that couldn’t have higher stakes and inviting them on a journey that pays off in ways expected and utterly surprising." (Washington Post) (research Grace Atkins) Bring the street.