Hampstead (12A)


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The extraordinarily warm, Brendan Gleeson plays a homeless man, renamed Donald, living in his tumbledown shack in a hidden away part of the Heath. He has made a good life for himself.

Like all good film stories, of course it needs a love interest. The still incredibly beautiful Diane Keaton plays Emily, a widower who is looking for a second chance at love before it’s too late. She finds no luck dating guys in her picture-book North-London neighborhood, until one day when she looks out her window and sees Donald.

They must work together to save Donald’s lifestyle from being taken away by ‘the man’ who wants to build luxury apartments on the land. Along the way, Donald must learn that he can’t do it by himself and Emily must learn to live without the luxuries of Hampstead living.

“Diane Keaton’s forte, her distinctively nervous, awkward charm, has worn beautifully in an astonishingly long reign as a rom-com queen.” (Empire)

Inspired by the amazing true story of Harry Hallowes, a homeless man who after 20 years of squatting on the fringes of Hampstead Heath was…? Mixed reviews, so come and see…