Get Out (15)

Get Out

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Who knew that one half of a cable TV comedic pair was capable of directing one of the greatest horror films of the last decade?

Don't fear, Get Out isn't straight horror, there's more to it than that; it blends genres tropes beautifully. Part racial satire, part Hitchcock thriller, and with just enough Twilight Zone to keep genre nerds happy.

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is a little hesitant about meeting his girlfriend Rose's (Allison Williams) parents, and rightly so, he's black, and her folks don't seem like the sort of people who embrace diversity. At first they're all smiles "we'd vote Obama for a third term if we could" but there's something not quite right. Their two housekeepers, also black, don't seem right, and Rose's mother plays with hypnosis. Chris realises he's in over his head, but is it too late? To reveal more would spoil it, but you won't casually hear 'Run Rabbit, Run' in quite the same way again. (research Jack Whiting) Everybody (under 25) is talking about it, and Jack is being restrained. Perhaps you’d better come and see…?