The Eagle Huntress (U)

The Eagle Huntress

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Set in the stark and imposing landscapes of Western Mongolia, The Eagle Huntress traces its heroine’s quest to break through traditional gender barriers and become the first female to compete in the community’s annual Golden Eagle competition.

Aisholpan Nurgaiv is a 13-year-old nomad Kasakh girl, whom has long been fascinated by her father and grandfather’s age-old hunting practice. Dating back beyond the time of Genghis Khan this method trains wild eagles to hunt game in tandem with their keepers.

Although her own family are behind her 100% there are certain things the conservative elders will not allow. Girls cannot hunt for Eagle, they’re too weak and inept (of course, they would say that). Nevertheless, the exuberant, and seemingly fearless, Aisholpan believes fervently that girls can do anything boys can do. She goes on to complete her training with ease and is granted entrance into the competition. Against some 70 much more experienced men, she shines, her natural gift would not be denied.

“Combining superb National Geographic-style photography with a storyline that plays out like a thrilling real-life folktale.” (Independent) (research Heather…) Otto Bell’s first feature is a soaring documentary of a child’s journey into determination. Don’t miss.