Miracle On 34th Street (U)

Miracle On 34th Street

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Saturday 23 Dec 201714:00 Book Now (SINGLE SEATS)
This is the film twenty-somethings, now 30-ish, long for at Christmas. Perhaps as little kids they watched it on telly and were lucky enough to be wrapped in warm snuggly jimmi-jams and tucked into each other. Today you are transported back to that one moment when the whole world stopped for a tiny euphoric hour or so. Enough to catch your breath in that precious joy of a child’s Christmas. You might not come in your jimmi-jams but you are welcome to snuggle up together. Very loyal to the original the 1947 classic with few changes, it is transplanted to 1990s 34th Street. Dorey Walker (Elizabeth Perkins) is chief executive of New York’s world famous Macy's. Neither her nor her petulant daughter Susan (Mara Wilson) believe Christmas nonsense. That is until the store hires Kriss Kringle as Santa (Richard Attenborough as the most Father Christmas of all Santas. My daughters, even now, believe he IS Father Christmas!) He does such a convincing job… watch out. Those who remember the original may prefer Edmund Gwenn's 1947 b&w Kris Kringle (perhaps next year, at 70?). This has enough spirit of its own to suggest there might well be a Father Christmas afterall…